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A battery's electrical connections (also called contacts or terminals,) must be protected from contact with metal or other batteries, which may cause the battery to short circuit. You can do this several ways.
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Keep batteries in their original packaging. This packaging is specifically designed to protect batteries during transportation, at the store, and in your home or worksite.
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If original packaging is unavailable, tape over the electrical connections (contacts or terminals). Electrical tape is great for this job, but all adhesive tapes not made of metallic material will work! Placing each battery in its own individual plastic bag also will isolate the battery's terminals.
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Every rechargeable battery-powered device comes with a charger that is right for that device. When you travel, locate the charger that is compatible with the device - don't mix and match!
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Use protective packaging and safety measures such as trigger locks to prevent inadvertant activation of power tools, especially in checked baggage!