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Safety Advisory for Consumer Fireworks

DOT Rule for Passengers Traveling with Lithium Batteries

image of woman traveller DOT's rule on carrying lithium batteries during air travel, which took effect January 1, 2008, prohibits loose (spare) lithium batteries in checked baggage, i.e., large suitcases handed to the airline. Portable electronic devices packed within checked baggage, may contain correctly packaged batteries..

In carry-on baggage, certain types of lithium batteries may be packed, such as those used in cell phones and most laptop computers, provided you take measures to protect (cover) terminals. You may also carry up to two additional powerful batteries, within the limits described here.

See our What's New page for specific details of the rule!

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Getting Through Security
FAA forbids the carriage of hazardous materials on commercial aircraft, except as provided in Part 175 of the Code of Federal Regulations. TSA forbids the carriage of other items for security reasons. Click the links below for details.
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cover of "These Fly Brochure"These Fly…These May Not

Common items used every day in the home or workplace may seem harmless; however, when transported by air, they can become dangerous. This brochure provides passengers guidance on restricted and forbidden items.
SafeTravel tips are not intended to substitute for FAA, TSA, or PHMSA regulations. They are provided with the understanding that travelers are adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. In the event that a tip found on the SafeTravel page is in conflict with applicable law or regulation, that law or regulation takes precedence over SafeTravel guidance.
Keep it Safe to travel with batteries and battery-powered devices. Find out how.
Aerosol Can
Traveling Safely with Aerosols. Here are the rules for bringing aerosols aboard a plane, in checked or carry-on baggage.
Ammunition is prohibited in carry-on baggage but, if you follow the rules, you may be able to carry it in checked baggage.
LighterLighters, matches, and lighter fluid are regulated even though TSA screeners no longer confiscate all lighters. Click here to find out more!
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